A New Way To Convert Your Old Unwanted Jewellery To Cash

gold-cashIn order to pay the best possible rates to our clients, we have gone MOBILE.

Think about it! No rent to pay. No Business or Water Rates, Electricity Bills etc. This allows us to improve on what was already one of the highest offers in the business. We now deal with all our customers by appointment. We come to your home, or we will meet you in a safe and secure public environment of your choosing.

(Please note that for security reasons, transactions over €500 have to be undertaken during normal business hours)

We buy old unwanted broken scrap jewellery gold platinum palladium

Important: In order to get the best prices for your gold, please read our advice page

You know how it is? You are going through your jewellery box and you find that one earring was part of a pair years ago. You wont wear it anymore because the other one is missing. It’s the same with that broken chain. It’s a shame really because they looked good on you when you wore them. Now all you can do is let them gather dust. Or you can turn them into CASH. AT DUBLIN GOLD EXCHANGE we will buy all your unwanted, broken jewellery etc. Regardless of it’s age or condition.