adviceIn order we do not waste your time, before you visit us. Phone our competitors or check out prices on their websites. The key question to ask is “How much are you currently paying per gram for 9 carat”? Avoid those who are evasive about giving a price. This is often a sign they are going to make a low offer. They know if they tell you the price over the phone, you may not want to do business with them, and hope once they can get you in the shop, you will think it too much trouble to go elsewhere and accept their offer.

Also a lot of businesses will only buy hallmarked gold. And even those will refuse if the gold is not Irish /British hallmarked

jewelry_ringsIf you use a postal service, make sure if you refuse their offer, they will return your gold free of charge.  There is at least one website in the UK, that does not tell you until you have refused their offer, they charge to return your gold, and state if you decline their offer, you must pay €9.95 for the return within 10 days or they will destroy the goods. The only way gold can be destroyed, is in nuclear reactor, so you can make up your mind what this means. Compensation for registered post to the UK is a maximum of €320. Do not post more than 25 grams in one envelope to the UK, as this is likely to exceed compensation limits in the event of loss.

You should also remember, postal services, especially where they provide free envelopes, have to recover the cost of these, and generally do so by offering a lower price. One final comment about postal services, if it is a UK company, you will most likely be paid sterling, and you will incur costs on exchange rates, bank charges, and possibly, have to wait for up to 28 days for a cheque to clear.