postalWe are happy to offer postal service , but do not provide pre-paid envelopes and will refund the postage paid by our customers providing the total weight is 20 grammes or more. The reason for this is unless you follow the correct procedures with AN POST, if the envelope is lost in the post, compensation is limited to €25.39 if you have not declared the value in advance. As you can imagine, it won’t take much gold to exceed this amount.

When you post gold to us, it is automatically insured up to a value of €320 providing you declare the value of content prior to posting. We recommend you declare a value of  €12 per gram. As an example , if the envelope weighs 60 grammes, you should declare a value of  €720, you will be charged extra for insuring this, but as we have said, we will refund all postal charges to our customers as stated above. Do not send more than 160 gms in one envelope. Maximum compensation is €2000 per envelope.

If you send an envelope, we will contact you with an offer. If you accept the offer, payment will be by cash (registered post) with a limit of €2000 per envelope.  If your gold exceeds this amount, we will send the balance in separate envelope(s). If you do not accept the offer, we will return your gold at our expense.

For further details on AN PB1OST compensation please visit:

Our Postal address is:

Dublin Gold Exchange,
Orion House,
53 Main St,
Rathfarnham, D14