money_1241532aDue to the constantly changing price of Gold and being a small business, we are unable to update our website daily. If you have read our advice page, you will understand that just because somebody says. WE PAY BEST PRICES. That doesn’t make it true.

Below is a list of websites. Telephone numbers, or e-mail addresses of our competitors where you should be able to obtain price information. If they refuse to quote a price, we recommend you AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE. Some businesses will quote a price to you over the phone, and when they get your gold, they will reduce the offer downwards. If this happens to you, contact us and we will make you an offer which will guarantee for 72 hours. If we can’t beat the offer, you are still free to accept the original offer.

Dublin Gold Exchange 086-227-6459

Forgotten Gold 091704842

The Gold Retriever 091 767 760

Cash4goldireland 086 078 0618

Goldtocash 01 830 8242

Finally, you might seen number of TV ads from the UK.

You might like to look at the following web pages before you send your gold to these.